Custom Fabrication

Our fabrication facilities are divided into two separate buildings. The first is used for stainless steel products and the second is used for carbon steel fabrication.

Stainless Steel
Our stainless steel fabrication facility produces a wide variety of custom products. We offer the most simple of services from a pump base to complete skid mounted systems. CAD and design work are available for most custom fabricated applications. In addition, our in-house certified welders have fabricated miles of 2 inch – 24 inch stainless steel pipe spools, flanged and grooved.

Stainless Steel Filler Enclosures
Bottle Cap Enclosures
Pump Bases & Carts
Transfer Panels
Valve Manifolds
Atmospheric Tanks
OSHA Approved Platforms
Hand Rails/Guard Rails
Holding Tubes
Skid Mounted Systems
Hot Water Sets

Carbon Steel
Our carbon steel fabrication is another option to serve clients with additional services. We are a certified code shop that carries an “R” stamp. We are able to perform most repairs and/or alterations to pressure vessels in our facility or in the field. In addition, we provide a wide variety of carbon steel products from custom fittings, pre-fabricated spools and manifolds to platforms and railing.

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